Most facilities on the Fitness Passport program have Fitness Passport iPad scanners. In order to use the gym, you MUST register your Fitness Passport ID card on the Fitness Passport scanner each time you visit.

Even if you are using a 24/7 gym where you use the gym’s swipe card first, you must still use the Fitness Passport scanner on each visit. Failure to record your visit on a Fitness Passport scanner or sign in sheet may result in an administration fee being charged to your account.

For those facilities without scanners, simply show your membership card when you visit the gym or pool and sign the register to gain entry.

Note: if you don’t have a photo on your membership card you may be required to show another form of photo identification to confirm your identity.

DO NOT leave your membership card at the gym or pool reception as you are liable for any misuse by unauthorised card holders.