Memberships may be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months without documentation, but for only for a maximum of 2 months per calendar year. If you need to suspend your membership for longer than 2 months, you must supply evidence in the form of a flight itinerary or doctors' certificate (or other relevant documentation).

Fitness Passport will then have full discretion as to whether your suspension is approved. Payments will be suspended during this time. Partial suspensions of memberships are not permitted. This means all members of the membership will be suspended for the full duration approved. We can’t backdate suspensions so when you book your holiday, please let us know so we can put a future suspension in place.

Suspension fees are $5 per fortnight (pro-rated) and charged on your regular direct debit dates.

If you wish to suspend your membership for up to 2 months, you can log in to with your email and password and click “Suspend Membership” under “Manage Membership” on the left menu and select the appropriate reason for your suspension request.

If you need to suspend your account for longer than the maximum 2-month period, please contact us by clicking the "Send Us An Enquiry" button at the top of this screen and attach any relevant documentation for the suspension.