If you have cancelled your Fitness Passport membership within the last 12 months

You can reactivate your membership by logging into www.fitnesspassport.com.au login with your previous username/email address and password. Follow the prompts to complete your reactivation, ensuring all your personal details are still correct. If you have changed employer since your membership was last active, you can select your new employer.

If you had any family members on your membership previously, you can select them to reactivate. You can also add any new family members to your membership.

If you have cancelled your Fitness Passport membership longer than 12 months ago

Please contact us by clicking the "Send Us An Enquiry" button at the top of this screen. Please be sure to include your full name, and previous membership number or your employer.

What happens next?

Your workplace facilitator will re-approve your account (and your family members, if any). Once approved, you'll receive instructions on how to log into the Fitness Passport MyFP app.

This will restart a new 12-month contract.